Thursday, October 15, 2015


It shouldn't take a year to paint a small garage but in this household, sigh, it does. The tornado last year took a lot of the paint off the buildings (ok, so it was the winds that accompanied the EF2 tornado since the tornado was a half a mile away). I started last year and it took until this year to get the darn garage painted and it's not even a big garage. But at least it's done (well, all the sides that people can see!)

We need to start painting all the other outbuildings. It's been ten years here and we've never painted any of the buildings. I think most of the buildings were painted with a paint gun instead of the old fashioned paint brush. We need the barn and the hay barn painted next year and need to get the roof redone on the hay barn since it's leaking like crazy. We won't be putting any big squares in the hay barn this year. The hay guy would bring his tractor down and put the hay in the hay barn. There was just enough space to get the tractor and hay in the barn. If the tires had too much air in them, then the tractor would scrape the rafters for the floor above. We've used the door enough that the door frame has started to sag. So I'm happy that we won't have that stress of trying to get the hay into the hay barn but I'll miss getting to use the hay in the hay barn instead of the hay shed.

We need to get measurements on the hay barn and get the roof redone next year. It's picked up yet another leak . I shouldn't complain. We haven't spent any money on any of the buildings to fix anything up in a while. Hopefully next year we can work on some projects around the Sanctuary to make it look nice once again. It's been awhile since we focused our attention on improvements so the place isn't looking as nice as I'd like. So if you stop on out some time, just be warned the place is looking a little shabby at the moment.

Anyone want to come out and scrape/paint? We could sure use the help. I'd love to get a bit more painting done before winter sets in. I'd much prefer to look out this winter and see freshly painted buildings instead of the paint peeling.

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