Thursday, October 8, 2015

Playing Catchup

I do have pictures! Just not on this computer Yesterday was a productive day. I'm still slow in getting moving but I'm making sure I don't overdue. I guess I'm a pansy that way. I was able to get four more winter blankets washed and they are now hanging out on the line drying. Hopefully this weekend's warmer weather will dry them out completely and I can waterproof them and repair them. Rabbit tried to destroy hers. Not everyone has winter blankets but I'm hoping that we won't need them. Of course those that don't have winter blankets are the easy keepers and pretty sturdy geldings of the bunch. 

Dad also put in a few extra fence posts to fix the big pasture. Living on an old farm stead with old wood fence posts, the fence posts are starting to rot off and break so now we are slowly repairing them. Or more like we are replacing them with steal fence posts until we can do a total redo of all the fences, not sure when that will be.

But it felt nice to finally get a few things done.

We also put in two round bales into the big pen. The big pasture is done and the horses are getting hungry. We'd picked up a couple of spare big rounds so decided to put two in the drylot. I also let King back in to the big herd and will take down the temporary fence that's divided the big pasture all summer. The electric fencer is broken anyway. It some how shorted out...again.

This weekend we'll be putting in some temporary fencing around where the chicken coop used to be. That way we can move the mares and Junior into that pasture where there's still decent grass. And I want to get the horses away from the road because hunting season is right around the corner and I don't want the horses near the road where someone could accidently shoot them.

I'm hoping to also move around some corral panels so that we can move the ponies into a different pen for the winter. If they are out of the small drylot we can work on fencing that up. The fenceposts all rotted off and with the tornado last year, it took down the rest of the fenceline. We put in a temporary fence using corral panels but it would be nice to have something permanent once again. Living in temporary mode gets old but that's what we had to do to make everything work.

Now that we have even less time, which is limited in itself, we may be asking for more help. We were taught to not ask for help until we really needed it. But I guess now is the time that we really do need the help. Winter is fast approaching and we need to get a few things done before the snow flies.

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