Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Winter Storm Approaching

I know I already mentioned it earlier this week but we have a storm coming. We really didn't have any winter until winter solstice and then it's been super cold. We finally got a break starting this past weekend and it's been fantastic. In fact it's been in the 30s and almost 40s so the snow is melting fast (that type of weather is unheard of).  I'd pulled most of the blankets off horses on Saturday but left Bo's and Rain's on because the temps were still a little precarious.

I also don't want Bo to go down and get wet/chilled although I'm thinking I should have pulled it for yesterday and today. Rain has such a thin coat and thin skin but still I should have pulled his blanket today. I'm sure he'll hang out in the shade.

But today is the last day of warm weather. We're going to have a major shift in temperatures in the next 24 hours. I'm a little worried because the cold always means there's a chance for someone to get sick and/or colic. Not something I want to deal with. I'm still not over Ivan.

But today the high is supposed to be almost 40 degrees and then the cold front is to come through with a low of 10. The high tomorrow is a high of 10 and subsequently dropping into the sub zero temps. I think I saw minus 12. That's a shift of 50 degrees! We're also supposed to get rain and that will turn into snow. They've moved the bullseye from directly over us to away from us and I'm ok with that what with not having a snowplow to push snow. All my packed paths will be gone.

What I'm really worried about after the rains, is the wind. The horses will get chilled from the rains and then the winds will become wind chills of sub zero temps. The weathermen are talking blizzard like winds. I'm planning on blanketing everyone that I can. Luckily Dude has a new blanket. Maverick ripped the entire side of Dude's blanket and his butt was practically hanging out. His was actually Rabbit's blanket but once I get it repaired, it'll become a spare for those super polar vortexes and I can put it on King.

I'm hoping this storm isn't like Storm Atlas from a few years back. We missed the terrible weather but west river was decimated. They had rain turning to freezing rain, then lots and lots of snow. It killed off a lot of livestock. That same storm brought tornados on this side of the state. Of course we don't experience tornados now but the thought of freezing rains and then subzero temps isn't something I want to think about in mid January.

We'll hunker down for the next few days and let this storm pass before we do much more. Whenever we deal with subzero temps, it's mostly a time to simply survive and get through it. I need to put hay in for the mares/Junior tonight. They had more enough last night but with a storm coming, I want to get it taken care of before it gets icky cold. I hate putting in hay in subzero temps. And the horses will be happy to have a fresh bale to power through.

But I see myself being super busy for the next couple of nights to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable during this storm and cold spell. Add to it the high-priorities that got dropped on my lap this week from the paying job, I won't be doing much except keeping everyone comfortable and working. Sounds romantic and alluring right? Ah the joys of running a Sanctuary in South Dakota.

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