Monday, January 8, 2018

Weather Woes

From Wednesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon we have a temperature shift of almost 45 degrees predicted Wed high of around 37 and Thursday's low of around minus 12. ARG! I can't manage that kind of weather with old horses.

I pulled blankets this weekend but they'll be going on tomorrow night just before the rains hit. I think I may be getting stalls ready tomorrow night as well. So much to do and so little time to prep. I wasn't even paying any attention to the weather.

The last time I heard, we were going to get "some" snow. It's South Dakota, we get snow. But now we're getting significant snow. Add to that the temp change and I'm starting to worry. Then someone mentioned the wind. With rain turning to freezing rain and then snow, we'll have ice everywhere. And that also means wet horses. Wet horses and then plummeting temps don't bode well for horses.

Yep, think I'll be paying closer attention to the weather. I've been ignoring it lately but I better not for the next couple of days. So much for getting unburied.

I'll continue to freak out now.

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