Monday, December 12, 2016

December Thank Yous

Before I forget, I want to send out Thank Yous to a couple of people.

First I want to thank my parents for donating four bags of sweet feed to the Sanctuary horses. It helps with hiding the medication/supplements for some of the horses. It's amazing how even one bag, let alone four bags will go. Every dollar, and even every penny counts these days.

I also want to thank Cyn and Mikki for donating THREE winter blankets to the Sanctuary horses. I can't wait to put them on decide who should get which blanket. They are almost brand new blankets. I'm sure I'm more exited about the blankets than the horses...but they'll thank me (and Mikki and Cyn) when they get chilled and I throw the blankets on to get warm. I'll post pics if I can ever download the pictures off my phone and get snap pics before my phone freezes up.

But thank you, thank you, thank you. It warms my heart knowing there's such kind hearted people thinking about our Sanctuary horses!

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