Friday, January 4, 2013

Quiet Time

I'm trying to be better about blogging. I had just enough energy last year to go to work and then come home and take care of the horses (barely). I didn't have alot of extra energy to blog. This year I'd like to make up for it. The only issue, it's winter and not much is going on. The much needed downtime is great but it doesn't leave much for me to blab about.

Knock on wood all of the horses are doing well. Last night when I went to check on the big herd (those not in the barn) decided they wanted to see what I had in the two buckets I was carrying. Apparently any bucket is now the grain bucket. Dude, King, Chaos, and Maverick were displeased with me. Ivan didn't even know because he was standing by the door waiting for Brego to finish eating his grain. Whatever tiff those two had early this summer is gone. Ever since I put them over at the neighbor's they buddied up again. At least they aren't too herd bound where they whinny for each other when they aren't practically touching.

Saturday January 19th is the next Mitchell horse sale. I wasn't going to go but now I'm debating on it. I haven't been to an auction in over a year and maybe it's time I went. My only problem is finding someone to watch the Bear and then actually going. I hate going alone but can't expect anyone to sit through until the last loose horse runs through. At least it's on a Saturday instead of Friday night. Those Friday night sales were long and tough on a body. I should hold off for another month or two but I think I want to go just to get my education on pricing. We'll see if I have a conflict with another event I'm attending (Rocky Mountain Elk Banquet in Madison....woot woot! get your tickets, it's fun!)

We are supposed to be in a warming trend for this weekend so maybe I'll get a chance to play with the herd for a little bit. I read the other day that we are still in a drought. I couldn't believe it until I was looking closer at the snowcover yesterday night. Yup, we don't really have that much snow. Oh sure it covers the ground and makes it a pain in the butt but when you look at how much snow we actually have, it's not enough. I don't want to deal with snow but we do need some type of precip. So I guess I'll start doing a snowdance to see if that helps any (as long as it doesn't cause a blizzard or make it difficult to get to the paying job).

Here's to a quiet weekend.

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