Thursday, January 3, 2013

How I Miss Fall

I haven't taken pics of the herd in awhile. The last pics I do have are from October during the last week we had them at the neighbor's (hence the halters).  I'm hoping to get new pictures this weekend but the best laid plans never seem to work out. So instead, I'll just leave you with a few of my remaining pics of the herd from  this fall.

Rain  with Ivan and Brego in the background
 Rain with Maverick and Chaos in the background

 Brego (with Ivan not far behind)

Rain drinking and Maverick trying to mess with the water tank. I need to find something for him to occupy his time. He has a jolly ball but I think he's forgotten about it now that he's back in the drylot. I may have to "discover" it or him this weekend. 

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