Friday, December 7, 2012


I am a little rattled. I think I have been since last night after getting home. Mike mentioned on the news that there was a terrible accident at a corner that I always have to stop on my way to and from work. I’ve always said it’s a bad intersection and one of these days I’m going to get hit. Last night, someone was hit and killed at that intersection. I was apprehensive about taking that route this morning, not wanting to cross where someone had been killed. It seemed almost sacrileges to me.  I know it sounds weird but that’s just my thinking. This morning as I pulled up to the stop sign, the only evidence was some broken glass. There was no other indication that there had been an accident and that someone had lost their life at that very spot. It makes me realize how precious life can be. One minute we are here, and the next gone.
Then I started thinking about the horses that are slaughtered. Who will remember them? Who will mourn for them? Who will keep their memories in their hearts? One minute they are on this earth and the next they are gone.
I know my logic isn’t here this morning. When certain things rattle me, my logic isn’t always explainable. All I know is that one of my biggest fears is to be forgotten. I know many years from now, I’ll be mentioned by my great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren in passing so I won’t be forgotten. But what of the horses? Who will remember them? It seems that the minute they are tossed into the auction circuit, they are forgotten as individuals.  I’ve seen a number of ads for people in search of their horses that they sold at auction. 
We each have our own path in life. People come and go, horses come and go. We each make our own decisions but not every horse is given an opportunity.  Maybe it’s the mom in me where I have to keep tabs on my son (and the horses). I want to know where they are at, at all times. Once they leave my possession (the horses not my son), I don’t know what will happen to them. Maybe it’s a control thing, or maybe it’s my Type A.
I don’t really know where I was going with this post, other than to let you know that I’m rattled. When we know a loss is coming, we can prepare. When a loss is sudden, it’s harder to handle. I guess with sanctuary life, I can prepare for loss. And those that we have lost will never be forgotten. The horses will be remembered by multiple people. I guess I’m just worried and sad for those horses that are not mourned over when they leave this earth.
I’m sorry. I know this post doesn’t make any sense. I can’t seem to pinpoint down the emotions in my head.

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