Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year In Review

2012 was filled with so many adventures. Personally, 2012 was filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. I was torn. We discovered last December that I was pregnant and that would change how we manage the Sanctuary. (Don't worry, the Bear was planned!) We put bringing new horses into the Sanctuary on hold until we had a handle on managing the horses currently here. That alone was almost enough to kill me. How can I do what I was born to do, how can I follow my passion if I have to sit on my hands. But the hold is only temporary and once we are adjusted to this new life, we'll bring another old deserving horse in to the Sanctuary.

This year we experienced broken water pipes in the middle of winter! We dealt with a fire that changed our pasture living (and put a deep and lasting fear of fire into my soul). We dealt with the oppressive heat and the subsequent drought and hay crisis. I locked myself into the house for two weeks while there was a loose inmate in the area (odd for this area). We survived two unexpected emergency room visits (totally non-horse related). We dealt with continuing family health issues.

We said goodbye to three family members. The place doesn't seem right now that they are gone. I so miss Flower, Queen, and Thor. It breaks my heart and leaves a tear in my eyes just thinking about how much I miss those three. I miss all of the horses that have walked up our driveway and have crossed over but for some reason those three have hit me the hardest. I'm guessing it's the year as a whole that makes it harder for me to say goodbye.

We also said hello to our newest family member. Garrett (aka the Bear) has changed how we run the Sanctuary and how much time is devoted to the horses. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am passionate about rescue/sanctuary. I believe I was put on this earth to fullfill the need of Sanctuary work, but I was also meant to be a mom. I also think that being a mom has made it that much more important for me to do sanctuary work. I think everyone deserves a place to call home and a place to go home to that is filled with love and understanding.

This year also showed me that we have so many wonderful supporters. With all the changes we went through with bringing Garrett into this world, our supporters stepped up and helped out even more. We wouldn't be where we are without our supporters. We met new supports and reunited with a few old supporters. It fills my heart with joy that we have such wonderful people willing to step up even when it's not always convinent for them. We would be lost without our supporters.

In April 2011 we rescued Savanna and Prize (aka Jett) from an auction. Jett was adopted to one of our amazing supporters (and our guardian angel). Savanna went to Gentle Spirits Horse Rescue and Sanctuary to be fattened up more and adopted out. I had the priviledge of watching Jett grow and begin his education. I am thrilled to watch the progress. Savanna was adopted out and has flourished under the care of her new owner. I am amazed and thrilled to see the progress of both horses and look forward to continuing to watch their education. We don't necessarily rescue to adopt but in their case, we knew it was in the horses' best interest to find them new homes. It has been such a thrill to watch them flourish.

I want to focus on fundraising for 2013. If we have sponsors for some of the horses, or have additional money coming in (besides my small paycheck), we could bring another old and deserving horse into the Sanctuary. I want to be able to say YES to the next old horse instead of constantly saying no. Saying those words broke my heart because we need to be here for the old horses and give them a soft place to retire to.

I'm sure that the Bear will make it a little difficult to do rescue/sanctuary work but we will continue on a smaller basis. Hopefully for 2013, we won't have to say goodbye to anymore family members. We will spend 2013 enjoying the time we have with each horse and be blessed to have the priviledge to know each horse.

I'm not sure if we can top the experiences for 2012 and frankly, I'd prefer not to. I'd prefer that 2013 is a nice and quiet year where we can focus on promoting the horse and it's plight. I want 2013 to be the year we dont' have to say No. I want 2013 to be filled with fun experiences and meeting new supporters.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year. I will write again next year.

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