Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Ugh. Cant' seem to catch a break. So the vet appointment scheduled for today is rescheduled to next Wednesday thanks to the snowstorm that blew in. Luckily we only got a couple of inches of snow. Even though it's only a couple of inches, tromping through it is no fun. I guess I'm going to have to learn how to use the snow plow and the tractor. Good things to learn but more time consuming because right now is not the time to learn how to operate heavy machinery.

Bought another hay net but need to go pick it up. I'm hoping that with the haynet, it'll cut down on my chores more. Apparently I'm spending too much time outside doing chores these days. So says the husband who has to care for our children for, omg, an hour while I'm out busting my butt to do chores.

Last night we had a snow storm so I put Bo and Junior in the barn and Rabbit and Mayhem in their stalls. I wish that I could incorporate Lace in with the mares and Junior. She got upset last night when I took the  mares passed her. I think she realized the horses weren't where they normally are and she got mad. But I don't know if I can trust her  yet with the mares. Next week after Rabbit's vet appointment, I'm hoping to put her in but that'll depend on if she beats up Junior. If she does, I think I  may put her in with the ponies and make her deal with it.

I've been hauling water to the mares and Junior because they wont' drink out of their tank. The tank heater was shocking them and I had no idea. We switched out heaters but now they still aren't drinking. I need to find a solution. I unplugged the second heater in hopes that they'll drink the water if there's a crust of ice (making them realize that the heater isn't on). I don't know what else to do. I am trying the salt water in the water trough to see if that works. I don't think it will but I'm desperate.

I want to put Lace in with someone else to cut down on hauling water. Apparently the extra 5 minutes it takes to care for her (i.e., throw hay and grain and haul water) is taking up too much of my time. WTF?!?! But that's what I was told. So the second mare we were considering taking in is a no go.

But it would be nice to move Lace so that I'm hauling water to less places. Still the same amount of water mind you, just in less locations (but father away to haul). Yeah, I know. I dont' get the logic either.

So, if anyone wants to start volunteering, I could really use the help. I guess from here on out, i'll be doing chores long after everyone goes to bed. So while  you're in tucked under a blanket watching tv, I'll be out doing chores (instead of doing chores while most people sit down to eat supper).

Can you tell I'm bitter?


  1. I would truly help if I was closer. I understand "the husband person" and the anxiety/stress it creates! I wish I knew how to get the horses drinking again to lighten your work load. HUGS!!

  2. Thanks! The moral support is definitely appreciated (and needed). I think with the water, I'm going to have to drain the tank and move it in hopes that a change in location will change their thinking. If not, it doesn't add that much time. I have to wait for Junior and Bo to finish eating their grain mash (and they. eat. so. slow. but then again, I like to savor my good meals too) :-)