Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Shoulder to Cry On

There is nothing more aggravating than having horses destroy expensive stuff. I've had a small portion of the big pasture divided. It's the part of the pasture we put them on in June and that they broke the fence and ate down in August (which worked out ok in the end). But Chaos broke the fence again either yesterday or today and was on the pasture and in doing so burned up my electric fencer. It's the second time it's been fried.

I was planning on waiting until tomorrow to let them out on the pasture but decided tonight was as good a time as any. They were pretty quick to go onto the pasture. They were starting to push on fences so we'll see how long this pasture holds before I have to re-fence the big pasture with electric. Usually some time in October I have to start throwing hay anyway so we'll see how the rest of the pasture holds out before I have to start throwing hay.

I was hoping to hold off on using any more of last year's big squares and use them when I stall horses this winter. I'm switching over to big rounds now that we have a tractor (although it's not paid for yet...sigh). But the tractor and round bales will make life so much easier. Instead of spending hours outside doing chores, it'll only take me as long as the slowest horse to eat his/her grain. But I want the big squares for this winter when I stall horses.

I have to wait until after harvest before I get my winter supply of hay. Lets hope that harvest goes quickly and with little breakdowns or rain delays. Speaking of rain, the weatherman said we aren't going to get any rain until next week instead of the inch of rain they said we'd get on Saturday.

I've sort of been at whits ends lately. I'm not sure if it's post partum still, separation anxiety (all my family was across the state over the weekend and I haven't talked with my mom in a week...we talk at least every few days), or if it's because the only people I've talked to in the past week (not counting Mike, Garrett, and Leila), was the group of people at JCPenny when we did Leila's one month photos. And that was only distracted talk to make sure that both kids weren't being naughty.

I'm sure you're trying to figure out where I'm going with this idea and what it has to do with the Sanctuary. Well, I've been so twitchy lately that I just can't handle sitting around. So tonight when I went out to check on the horses (and after I discovered that the fence was totally destroyed), I just wanted to cry. Everyone was either up at the barn or ignoring me, except Brego. He was walking up from the pasture and we both sort of met face to face. He's not the same "go to" horse like Queen was, but he's getting there. I just wanted to bawl and cry like a baby into his mane. Well, he wouldn't tolerate the total blathering crying but he did tolerate a little and let me rest my head on his shoulder and shed a couple of tears. He even looked back to try and give me a hug. What a great horse. Even though he can't be ridden, he still has a purpose. By anyone else, he'd be an unwanted horse. To me, he's going to be my "go to" horse when I need comforting. He just seems to "know" when I need a little bit of comfort. He's oddly in tune to me (especially when I'm pregnant). For being an unwanted horse, he's definitely wanted at the Sanctuary, even if it's for my on personal reasons of needing a shoulder to cry on.

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