Friday, August 14, 2015

Ramblings of a Pregnant Lady

The days are definitely getting shorter. All through June and July I could run out and do my minimal chores with the sun already up. Now, when I run outside (ok so it's more like waddle), the sun isn't up and it's not up until my drive in to the paying job. At night I'm struggling to get out before the sun sets. I'm not looking forward to the months of dark and cold that will soon be upon us. Of course right now with the temps almost hitting 90 and being three weeks away from having a baby, I could handle a little bit of a cool down. Note to self, if planning a baby, shoot for a winter baby even if you have horse chores! :-)

Junior is still losing weight. I'm debating on hauling him to Madison to see if he can get some benefit from Mom and Dad's pasture. I'd haul Junior and Brego (instead of Brego and Ivan). I think some better grass would help Junior and possibly convince Mom and Dad to start graining him twice a day but we'll see.

The excavator guy came Wednesday and buried the remains of the chicken coop. It's amazing what just a few hours of work will do. I used to be physically sick looking over to where the chicken coop used to be. It took three and a half years, but it's finally gone, along with a little bit of other junk that we needed cleaned up. Now its' time to put up some fencing, reseed (although not sure that'll happen until next spring), and move the mares and Junior to this pasture. I was hoping to wait to move the mares and Junior until the first of September or October. If I haul Junior to Madison, I'll leave the mares in the road pasture since there's a bale there that they are devouring. Junior isn't interested in the bale .

King is in permanent timeout until I start feeding hay to the horses this fall. I'm no longer willing to trudge along the pasture and fix fence now that I'm only three weeks away from my due date and C-section date. I've lost most of my brain so I'm struggling. I'm starting to get asked if I'm ready. Nope, not one bit. Clothes are in a tub, bag isn't packed, bottles are somewhere in a tub in the basement but I have no clue where. Although I can now lift and move tubs whereas the past few weeks I've been in too much pain to deal with stairs let alone lifting anything. Managed to find an amazing physical therapist and she worked out some of the issues I've been having. Hopefully with what she did, I'll be a little bit more limber and able to do a bit more. I remember with being two days away from my due date, chasing down Zeke and Bo who managed to get loose. I couldn't have done that prior to today and physical therapy.

I called in to the vet to try and get an appointment for Jim. I think he has something wrong with a tooth. The vet is out all this week. Last I checked with Jim, there was no heat but now I'm not so sure. Hopefully the vet will call back tomorrow. If not, we'll be running him in on Monday or Tuesday. But speaking of hauling horses, I now need to powerwash and disinfect my trailer. Last Sunday I hauled a couple of horses for someone and little did anyone know they started coughing and have snot. So before I expose any of my horses or risk exposing anyone else's horses to whatever those two had, I'm going to do a thorough cleansing of the trailer. Luckily it's going to be 90 degrees this weekend so a little bit of water won't hurt me.

I'm not sure how much more I'll be posting. My brain is pretty well fogged over. Now that the excavator did his job, the place looks so much better and I'm pumped to start working on the place. Anyone want to come out? I'm willing to supervise for the next three weeks and then after that I'll be willing to help out (ok, maybe I'll need a little bit to recover from the C-section) but I am willing to feed you!!

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