Monday, November 5, 2012

Emma - Gentle Spirits Horse Rescue and Sanctuary

Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting Emma. She's available for adoption through Gentle Spirits Horse Rescue and Sanctuary. You can read all about her at:

I have a soft spot for blind horses because they have to adapt to their surroundings differently than others. Emma is a gem. I didn't mess with her too much but immediately saw the old soul in the young body. She is wise for her years. I don't know if it comes from her past or if she was born an old soul. Either way, she is one amazing girl. 

When one of the founders of Gentle Spirits took me out to meet the horses, Emma was stretched out snoozing in the sunshine. Having had multiple blind horses, I don't often see a blind horse so relaxed that they are willing to stretch out and snooze. Many horses get spooky when going blind in one eye and here Emma is blind in both eyes and yet she's as cool as a cucumber. 

I think with the right person, Emma could really blossom into an amazing horse (although she has already blossomed under the care of Gentle Spirits). So, if you already have a horse and are thinking of bringing another into your home, Emma may be your girl. Having a blind horse is a new challenge but speaking from experience, a blind horse will teach you more than you could ever imagine. I've considered it an absolute blessing to have Babe at Borderlands. Whoever snaps up Emma will quickly learn also that blind horses tend to have more to give than other horses.  

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