Sunday, September 2, 2012

Savanna and Jett Update

Those ladies at Gentle Spirits Horse Rescue and Sanctuary sure do know how to make my heart sing! They just posted a picture of Savanna. We rescued Savanna in April 2011 along with her crippled yearling filly. Little did we know, that Savanna would give birth to a little colt a few weeks later.

I wasn't even sure Savanna was going to make it at first. She was so thin and then giving birth to a little stud colt, I didn't know if either would make it. But take a look at Savanna now!

Savanna is the image of care and love. It sounds like she's no longer a standoffish mare and no longer cribs! What an amazing feat for Gentle Spirits and her new owner. I can't say enough about either. I am so impressed and pleased.  Please read more about Savanna at:

Just the other day, Savanna's colt who was adopted by a  long time supporter posted a picture of Jett (formerly Sir Prize). He's only a year old but Jett has come a long way. He's already learning about the saddle so when it comes time to actually train him to ride, he'll be well adjusted.

Had we not been there, who knows what would have happened to these two. I feel terrible that Savanna's yearling foal didn't get the same opportunity. She was crippled and the pain was causing her to become aggressive. To be fair to all, she was euthanized to save her from any more suffering.

But it brings me great joy to see that these two horses are flourishing in their new homes. It always amazes me at how just a little bit of time, patience, love, and education can go so far in bringing around the best in someone. I am really impressed by what Gentle Spirits, Savanna's new owner, and Jett's new owner have done for these two beauties. I am deeply honored that we could play a small part in these two horses' lives.

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