Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Odds n' Ends

It's been fairly quiet around Borderlands after the escapade the horses had on Sunday. We are back to dealing with extreme heat and heat indexes. Luckily the weatherman mentioned a cool down for Saturday.

Mike and I have been slowly getting things ready to move the demolished fencing at the neighbor's to a new location. I have a feeling something spooked the horses. But we did go buy a stronger charger and more electric fence. I'd feel much more comfortable keeping the herd in with two strands of electric rather than one. One is simply too easy to break. If they were in our yard with a substatial perimeter fence, one strand would be fine but I don't want to experience another rampage of the countryside again...ever.

I do think I'm going to haul Jim to Madison and bring King home. We could have caught the herd hours earlier had Jim not caused all the heartburn. So we'll send Jim away for a little while and see what happens. I may keep Bo and Zeke at home but I hate doing that becaue there's simply nothing left in the pasture.

When I went to let the herd out into the pasture this morning, I heard a crack in the mare pasture and a tree move. I spooked myself for about 10 seconds until I realized it was probably the mares. Ever since we put the mares into that pasture, I have only seen them from afar. They prefer to stay where there's grass instead of hanging out by the gate and water trough. Whatever makes them happy as far as I'm concerned. I had thought the noise and moving tree was due to a deer and then I thought it was that loose inmate that's been running around the countryside for the past two to three weeks. But no. It was just Rabbit and Mayhem. I desperately need to separate those two. Mayhem is joined at the hip with Rabbit and picking up bad habits...FAST.

I'm keeping a close eye on Ivan. I'm not exactly sure what happened but he's one hurting guy. I know the entire herd was sore after their adventure on Sunday. When we loaded Ivan, he hit his leg on the trailer and then rolled his ankle getting out of the trailer. He's been stiff ever since. The only problem is, I can't feel any heat or see any swelling. I was too sick Monday to do anything with him and had to run to town yesterday to buy fencing materials so we could fence the neighbor's place while the temps are cooler. I'm not sure I will be able to do anything tonight until after the sun sets. This darn heat makes life so difficult.

Bo also got banged up during his adventure on Sunday. He charged a barbed wire fence and cut his chest. We've been doctoring it ever since. Luckily he's such a good horse to doctor. He'll stand for just about anything (except shots and worming). Any amount of messing around with him, and he's all about it.

We are supposed to hit 99 degrees today with a heat index of up to 108. I doubt we'll do anything with the horses until after dark. The last few nights we've been out after dark trying to do chores. The other night we decided to pull the water from the water tote so that we could water some trees (since the horses weren't at the neighbor's). Mike and I were both tired but it was so relaxing. There was a nice breeze, an almost full moon shining down giving us enough light to see by, and a relaxing atmosphere as we sat there waiting for the tank to fill with water. Oh how I wish all our chores could be that relaxing. This heat makes everything so difficult and I hate doing chores at night, but sometime it really does make you appreciate the little things in life. Nice weather, relaxing, and good company. Everything that we need right now.

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